What can we to repair?

Our experience can help to You with the following cases:

CD, DVD changers

  • Mechanical issues

Magazine does not load or eject properly.
Disk does not load or eject.

  • Playback problems

Does not play.
Sensitive playback.

Head units

  • CD,DVD issue

Can not play the CD, DVD or very sensitive
Does not load or eject the disc properly

  • Radio issue

The FM tuner does not sound properly
Noisy sound or not sensitive enough

  • Cassette issue

Does not load or eject properly
Wowing or does not reeling
Dull sound

  • Common faults of the head units
No or distorted sound from one or more speaker
The control buttons are dark
One or more buttons do not work properly
The display is dark
The volume adjuster does not work properly


  • Headrest or roof monitor issue

Flashing or blank screen

  • Front motorized monitor
Flashing or blank screen
Does not open or close properly

Power amplifiers

They are the most common faults:

  • Protection LED on
  • Smoked, blown fuse
  • Engine noise
  • Burnt down speaker


These faults may affect another components too, so we advise check the whole system before the repaired amplifier will be reinstalled.

Security coded units

  • Lost security code

If You lost the code, do not worry!
We can decode almost all kind of units.

  • Can not enter the code

This happens if incorrect code was entered several times.
If the the code know, we can resetting the unit.

  • Unknown code

If You do not know the security code we can search it.

Vintage car radios

To repair a vintage head unit a little bit difficult but not hopeless.
A lot of years in the car may affect the mechanics and electronics hard.

We can refurbish this mechanical issues:

  • Cassette player mechanism
  • Mechanical station memory
  • Any other mechanical failures


Also these electrical faults are repairable:

  • No FM or AM radio
  • Low-sensitivity radio
  • Distorted audio


Please note repair an old timer unit may takes more time then usual.
The repair time depends on the necessary parts and the fault.

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